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for her MUSC NUDE eau de parfum by Narciso Rodriguez. The sensual new perfume for women

Discover for her MUSC NUDE eau de parfum -- the new vegan perfume for women by Narciso Rodriguez that's filled with sensuality. Enveloping the body in a soft breeze, the fragrance wraps around you like a protective armor that's as tender as a second skin. A celebration of eternal femininity, it's a peaceful breath of perfume that brings a gentle rhythm to your inner symphony. A hidden secret to form part of a caring daily ritual like a most precious treasure. 


A soft and gentle floriental musk perfume

With for her MUSC NUDE, renowned perfumer Sonia Constant -- nose for some of the most iconic for her scents -- has created a new interpretation of the chypre fragrance family.


The eau de parfum is composed around an elegant and timeless olfactive structure, enhanced with solar facets and the signature Narciso Rodriguez heart of musk.


A piquant pink peppercorn accord meets an abstract floral bouquet of delicate white flowers as the fragrance gently caresses the skin.

At the perfume's core, the for her heart of musk is infused with floral notes of precious rose oil and orange blossom.


As the fragrance dries down, rich tonka bean absolute blends with the softness of cedarwood and patchouli, embracing you in a feeling of caring warmth. 

Narciso Rodriguez Musc Nude for Her Eau De Parfum

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