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all of me by narciso rodriguez: The one-of-a-kind essence of me. all of me...

all of me is the new perfume for women by narciso rodriguez parfums - a daring and prismatic floral fragrance, created for a new generation of women who are confident to show their true colors and embrace all that makes them unique.


A perfume of many facets

A celebration of individuality and self-expression, all of me reinvents floral perfume by fusing precious rose centifolia with bold geranium bourbon, a note usually found only in men's fragrances. Together with this distinctive duet of rose and geranium, an accord of delicate milky-white muscs reinvents the iconic narciso rodriguez signature. Six different musc notes are blended together to create an addictive, second-skin quality, each one bringing a new dimension to the multi-facetted blend of florals.


A natural perfume more consciously crafted

all of me is a more responsibly-sourced fragrance with 88% of its ingredients from natural origin. The star natural ingredients of the vegan perfume are all more responsibly sourced to be more mindful not only of the environment, but of the local communities who grow these precious ingredients, such as geranium bourbon, sandalwood and rose centifolia.

Narciso Rodriguez All Of Me Eau De Parfum

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