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Inspired by the 2010-2011 Autumn/Winter show, this luxuriant garden is a paradise for the all-consuming pleasures and passions of Le Beau Paradise Garden and La Belle Paradise. Emerald-green glass embroidered with a flamboyant vine leaf featuring colourful, couture details - who could resist this naked bottle? Let yourself be captivated.


The Bottle


An unforgettable bottle. The tropical radiance of a Couture embroidered vine leaf conceals the secret garden inhabited by this naked, emerald-green bottle. An unbeatable force of attraction plunges you into this hypnotic, sensual masculine fragrance that is as elusive as it is irresistible.


The fragrance


A woody, green aquatic fragrance (by Quentin Bisch). This heavenly fragrance is a ray of tropical sunshine with its dazzling flowers and seductive scents, all plucked from the Garden of Gaultier. Fresh, salty coconut melds with green fig and sensual sandalwood. Spicy ginger, invigorating mint and sun-drenched Tonka bean - the green aquatic and woody notes of this fragrance are as passionate as the virile men who wear it.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Paradise Garden EDP

GST Included
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