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Extraordinary just as she is. Divinely real. Radiating her natural power. Liberated and golden right down to the corset. Simply dazzling beneath her white box. What about the magnetism of this salty gourmand floral fragrance? Truly eternal thanks to its refill! Signalling a true woman of character. 


Bottle Description


Wow! What a bottle!


Flaunting her power with her conical breasts. Confidence first and foremost. A corset streaked with gold. Her secret power? Her special brand of femininity. Proud of her generous glass curves. Free as light itself. Even the sun envies her! With its refillable 50 or 100 ml bottle, her aura radiates for ever. For her own pleasure. And ours, of course!


Fragrance Description


A salty gourmand floral fragrance from elsewhere / By Quentin Bisch


Surround yourself in its solar lily notes. A delicious airy meringue caressed with a fresh salty kiss. And you're in heaven! The start of an eternal addiction to this delicious salty gourmand floral fragrance. Divine, right? And ready to take on the world with this radiant confidence nestled in the cleavage of your corset. 


Jean Paul Gaultier Divine Eau De Parfum

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