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Burberry Hero Parfum portrays a modern man. Sincere yet courageous, he constantly surpasses himself in every challenge. No longer held back by preconceptions, he connects with his inner self to embrace the extraordinary within.


Hero Parfum is the latest Burberry fragrance for men. Intense and powerful, the scent is led by a base of warm cedarwood oils. On top, notes of Amyris and Cypriol oil enliven the aroma for a deep woody finish. Housed in an angular glass bottle detailed with the Burberry logo.


Intense and powerful, Burberry Hero Parfum.


How to use:

Spray Burberry Hero Parfum on to your pulse points, focusing on your neck, behind your ears, and your chest to give the scent the warmth it needs to intensify.

Burberry Hero Parfum

GST Included
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