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A settling oil traditionally used in aromatherapy to balance the mind.

Power of Lavender

Sourced from the finest crops to provide superior calming and sedative properties, our lavender assists with: 

  • Tired Muscles
  • Sleeplessness
  • Colds & Coughs
  • Skin Conditions such as eczema & mild acne
  • Minor burns
  • Stress

Lavender Harvest

We harvest our lavender in the spring morning when the plant is dry and the sun is less intense, to preserve the quality of the oil in the blossoms. The lavender flower-covered stems are dried for a few days to remove excess moisture and enhances the quality of the essential oil. We then slowly and lovingly distil our Lavender oil from the flowering tops of the plant to ensure all the vital therapeutic compounds are preserved.

Lavenders Healing Properties

Mind: Gently sedating and comforting. It helps relieves mild headaches, pent up emotions and promotes peace of mind. Body: Eases aching muscles, hay fever, mood swings and cold and flu symptoms. Skin: For use to treat eczema and for first-aid relief.

Lavender Pure Essential oil 8ml

GST Included
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